Mystical and Medical Museum


Harken back to the days of PT Barnum and the 10 in 1’s!

See things you never thought you would!

Feel the chills when you peer into the eyes of an original Victorian Seance Doll!

You probably have heard of the famous Fiji mermaids… well come see the even rarer

creature from the Antarctic!    mermaid_12

Other rare and one of a kind artifacts include:

CottingleyFairies3_thumb    An English mummified fairy!

A book written by a ghost!

    Artifacts from the Titanic!       titanic-news-newyork2

Fergeson and shrunken head           A real shrunken head!

An authentic vampire hunter’s kit!


…and much more!

To have this one of a kind collection at your next event call the number below!

609 433-6980